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U__________S (2022)

Systems circulate bodies into different states of being. The performance advocates for an expensive understanding of the felt-sense as the medium of re-interrogating systems that are considered as good or as bad. It therefore places the felt-sense within the discourse of responsible autonomy, which implies the practice of care as an ethical behavior and as an escape from the epistemic violence.

The methodology is inspired by the somatic Moveable Cinema method invented by the Canadian educator and choreographer Shannon Cooney and is based on Affect Theory. Therefore, using the performativity of the gaze and the sensorium, the research explores through the materiality of the body, the states of being and the intra-activity of the bodies, which circulate in systems such as fascism, somatics and eroticism.
U__________S is a “minimalist” dance performance with “maximum” sensoriality and proposes a transition from “me” to “us”, which indicates a world processing within the principles of connectivity, receptibility and perceptibility.


Concept & Choreography: Can Bora

Performers: Can Bora, Amit Palgi, Kadri Sirel

Light Design: Can Bora

Make Up: Katrina Dukka & Ann Fidler

Theoretical Supervisor: Nishant Shah

External Artistic Mentor: Shannon Cooney 

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