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Yoga & Guided Meditations

     Can sees the physical yoga practice as a somatic practice that exalts the physical existence of the body and the felt-sense within. From this perspective, Can’s yoga approach aims to bring an understanding to the inner world of the practitioner meanwhile grounding and strengthen the power of the physical body.

     Certified by Yoga Alliance (500h), Can gives Yoga Teacher Trainings in the fields of Yin Yoga, Tao Vinyasa and Micro Asanas since more than 8 years. His classes are interpreted as joyful and exuberant as well as profound and intimate.

     Besides, Can is as a meditative catalyst. Since his childhood, he worked with several energy and crystal healers, shamans and metaphysicians. In his deep guided transcendental meditations, he opens a safe space for healing to participants and for getting them in touch with high vibrational frequencies. In the academic frame, these meditations are also used for students to support their well-being, increase their creativity and develop their skills on solution making. 

Scholar - Theatre and Movement Educator

     Can is an experienced scholar and a theatre & dance educator. He gives classes of contemporary dance (Release Technique), improvisation for acting (Eric Morris and LeCoq Method), improvisation for dancing (based on the felt-sense and somatic techniques) and movement classes for acting students. Besides, he gives theoretical classes about The Use of Digital Arts in Performing Arts and the Notion of Theatrality in the context of dance practice. 

Practice based Research 
The Gaze and The Touch & Ritual and Improvisation

     In these workshops, Can creates a motivating and inspiring space of self-work and collaboration about the somatic qualities of the gaze and the touch. 

How the gaze can be used an act of touching?
How the act of touching can be a tool of (inter-) connection?
How touching and gazing can create new rituals and ritualistic practices?

Taking into account our own vulnerability, what kind of ritual practices do we need as individuals and as a collective?

      Can's curiosity towards the rituals as a form of manifestation and interaction with Life in its strongest level aims to re-consider the practice of ritual and to adapt new ones regarding the necessities of each of us.

     In these workshops; the ecstatic, the immanent and the sensorial body are highlighted. 

     From a theoretical perspective; new materialism, performance practices, psychology, philosophy and future studies serve as a bridge of knowledge and discovery for re-exploring the process of ritual.

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