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ArtEZ Accreditation Day,

OnLive Festival
Arnhem, 2021
Turkey, 2021

4bid Gallery
Amsterdam, 2022

In this performance, Can Bora approaches the gaze or the felt-sense-in-the-visual field as an extension of touch in its sense of inter-action. Video, story telling and the practice of gaze entangle with each other, where bodies of the participant become the main performers.

Through a collective meditation based on the use of the holistic gaze, the audience is invited to embody a sensorial journey from their physical bodies to the wider and vibrational body of nature. Using the performativity of the image, the performance aims to break “the isolated individuality” and make us feel that we are part of a much larger ecology.

The work is part of Can's artistic research about the gaze, especially inspired by the Moveable Cinema Technique, invented by the Canadian choreographer and dance educator Shannon Cooney. 

Eyes of The Skin has been performed in various festivals. But also, it has been performed online as a seminar about personal growth. 


Concept & Video & Performer: Can Bora
Sound healer: Ceren Yesilbas

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