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Divided For Neutrality (hicran.) 

dance performance 2016

divided for neutrality (hicran.)  is a dance performance which investigates the idea of "to be tuned in". We are witnessing the relation between the bodies, but the focus is not body itself but the space and the motion created by them. Among the body's experiences are the ingtegration, disintegration, separation, introspection and even the telepathy.

As a working progress project, the research is based on some cinematographic tools and on how to apply them with the body (freeze as creation of images, glitch as sliding, fuzzy screen as an interruption of the momentum, etc).

The project aims to establish an entangled aesthetic with the co-habitation of some cubic forms (sculpture), edited videos (visual arts), sound design (music) and movement (dance) in order to question the essential theme. 

concept: can bora/berika

choreography & dance: harun kocabıçak, can bora

video: emre birişmen, can boyacıoğlu

production: berika

with the support of  

                    and -trak design

"Verbal communication leaves all users vulnerable to conflict and misunderstanding. It's the beginning of the breakdown of relationship (...) Telepathy doesn't lie, sensorial says the TRUTH (...) The mind translates the flow of the energy into a language which can be understood. The heart is the transmitter of the emotional and the mental information. By the way, there's telepathy between the hearts because we are continuously sharing our energy with others."

Geçmiş gösterimler:

Uluslararası İKSV Tiyatro Festivali, İstanbul Dans Platformu - Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesi, Mayıs 2016

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