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THE Helix (2022)
premiered 5th September, Amsterdam Fringe Festival / Brakke Grond

January 2023 / Mezrab House of The Stories

In the Helix, Can Bora converts the performance avenue into a contemporary seclusion/ meditation room with the use of the Green Box technique, which serves to reveal and illustrate the inner family portrait of a highly sensitive person: the archetypes.

Placing the somatic experiencing at its heart and through the text, images, sound and movement, the audience is also invited to experience their own somatic body within a safe and emotional space. 


The performance tells the story of a queer Twin Flame* that moves between the present day and the 16th century, with a wink to the Sufi poet Rumi and his beloved friend Shams while investigating the "hundred meanings of love". What is LOVE by the way? Passion, eroticism, pain, confidence, a real/fake sense of safety, commercial collaboration? And what about the transformative power of love, which pushes you to take the Helix: a long-term healing process where all of your belief systems conditioned by society, culture and normativity are upside down. 

The Helix approaches "the felt-sense" as a source of self-connection and emancipation, while turning the stage into a collective somatic experience with the audience, such in a party. Why? Because there is a crowded party in our hearts, meaning that the actors of our hearts which are our emotional dynamics want to show up for themselves. Therefore, we should celebrate our hearts... since (self)LOVE is a somatic practice.

*Twin Flame is one soul split into two bodies. Intense but chaotic, the purpose of Twin Flame relationship is to awaken you to your untapped potential and ignite a fire deep inside you.




concept / video / direction / performance

konsept / video / yönetim / performans

can bora



can bora & antti uimonen



ufuk senel & can bora

sound design

ses tasarım

rens block

somatic experiencing mentor

somatik deneyimleme mentör

gulben ersoz


Creation Process

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