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photo credit: selda yildirim

Can (b. 1986, Turkey) is a cross-field artist, who works in the fields of

theatre, dance, performance art and video art. He received his BA

from Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Theatre Practices

and his MA from the same institution in The Use of Digital Arts in

Performing Arts. He received his second MA from ArtEZ University

of The Arts in Performance Practices, where he specialized in the 

responsible autonomy : the felt sense & the entanglements of 

fascism, eroticism and somatics as an artist-researcher.


His works have been performed internationally in various festivals.

With a somatic background and based on “the felt-sense”, Can’s

work often explores the inner space of the human body. In other

words, he intends to reveal the dynamics of the "human psyche" 

and deals with the ecstatic, erotic, masculine/queer, ritualistic and

archetypal body. However; hospitality and the national image are 

seen as some of the recurrent themes in his works.


ALTAR (2018), a performative hybrid theatre piece was awarded

“The Best Innovative Theatre” and nominated as “The Best

Choreography” and “The Best Light Design” by prestigious

institutions in Turkey. His recent work U___________S (2022), a

minimal dance piece about the gaze as an extension of touch,

investigates the role of the felt-sense in the bodies of fascism,

eroticism and somatics against the epistemic violence by highlighting

the care and the responsible autonomy as ethical behaviors. 

His last creation The Helix (2022), which transforms the performance

venue into a collective somatic ritualistic experience, has been lately

performed in Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2022.

Can currently lives and works in Amsterdam. 

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