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BEYOND (2021)

Premiered September 2021, CC AMSTEL, Amsterdam Fringe Festival

In Beyond, Can Bora & Ufuk Senel investigate the politics of desire and the poetics of relationships. Inspired by the traditional Turkish oil wrestling, which emphasizes homo-eroticism, the performance updates the cultural and physical aspects of wrestling, while canonizing the tactility. The work interwines  the socio-cultural images found in Eastern and Western geographies and traces a map of desire built on the tension between fiction-reality, nakedness-nudity and tradition-utopia. In this context, two men explore the possibilities of transcending not only their physical boundaries but also the cultural, sociological and political constructs that the society has operated. But, two artists prefer to go beyond the normative ways of connecting. They try to embody the answers of questions such as:  “what kind of penetration is needed to establish a relationship beyond our conditionings?”, “how can we find a new possibility of communication and touch that do not yet exist, but could possibly exist?

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